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What is a good dosage?

When using Legal highs you should treat them like real drugs as they can be very potent. There is a recommended dosage for each product, But our advice for anyone that never tried a product is to start slow and to see how you feel before taking more.

Please notice that when snorting a powder it takes around 20 min to feel the effect of the product snorted, 
When taking a pills it can take longer to feel its effect, 
When smoking a smoking blend it may take a dew minutes to feel the effect. 
In order to start slow with powders you can make small lines and just snort them at your paste. 
In order to start slow with a pill you can just break it to smaller pieces. 
With a smoking blend You can just make a joint and smoke some of it each time. One hit in a “normal” bong cannot be too much so it is ok to do it this way.


For most powders we aim that a good dosage will be 200-250mg depending on your weight and tolerance level.

For all pills and capsules one unit is a good dosage.


With the smoking blends we recommend to mix with a little tobacco and smoke a puff or 2 to see how you feel before smoking more.


Order & Shipping related

Where do you ship from?
We ship from the Netherlands  

What happens if my parcel is lost or stuck at customs ?
In such a case we will re send your order with no additional cost for you.

How will you ship my order?
We will ship your order as registered post with a tracking number.

How will you pack my order?
We pack all parcels in a discreet plain envelope with no brand or product marking on it.

How fast will you ship my order?
We will ship 1-2 working days after order confirmation.

How much time it takes for it to arrive?
In france it can take 1-2 days to arrive, To the rest of Europe 3-5 days, and around 1 week to the rest of the world.

Will i have to pay for the shipping?
No. All shipping’s are free so you dont have to pay for any shipping.

What if i dont like the product you sent me and i would like to return it.
You may return the product to us and we will replace it for you with another product


What are legal highs?

They are a legal alternative for illegal drugs, That aims to be safer, Consistent and Legal.

Safer because you buy from a company that tests its products before introducing them to the market.

Consistent  brands and production process.
therefore you get the same product every time.

Legal because the active ingredients in our products are not banned (yet).

Today there is a legal replacement to almost every illegal recreational drug. Some of those replacements are very potent.
Neorganics offers a wide range of replacements such as:
The GRAMA VERDE  which is an analogue for Marijuana.
The C type which is an analogue for Cocaine.
The M1 tablets which are an analogue for ecstasy pills
The Topaz which is an analogue to MDMA.
And many others..

Legal highs can be very potent and should be treated as real drugs, With Caution and Proportionality.



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