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We sell all the Neorganics range. For bulk orders pls email: [email protected]


Neorganics the #1 brand for Legal High’s for 15 years

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Business models

There are a few models which we work upon.
Independent Re seller – you buy the products and sell it  where and how you want , If you want you can even rebrand in order to sell them under your brand name. This is the most profitable way for you. And the simplest but off course it requires more commitment to it. And the ability to sell.
Dispatcher – In this model you keep the stock. You don’t need to actually buy the stock just supply some kind  of guarantee that will be refunded if and when the agreement will come to an end or if it will not be needed anymore. We do the: Marketing, sales, payments etc. You just need to ship out orders from the stock you got.
Why we do that? We believe that customers prefer to order locally as they get it much faster and safer. So for us a local shop in any country that we do not ship from at the moment is good for sales. This is good for someone that is looking to make some money on the side without thinking about it too much. And without spending too much time.  In this model we will pay our dispatcher 15% of revenue.
You can see the actual website in which it takes place.  When EuroStarHigh does all the marketing, Customer service shipping etc. And dispatchers from  4 countries do the shipping.
Advertiser – in this model you don’t need to buy or hold stock. you just need to market and sell our products. We will drop ship for you as if it was you under your brand name. this is a very good model if you want to focus on online marketing and do not want the hassle of physical objects.  Or just don’t like to move from The computer. We will be able to dispatch your orders from : France or the UK. We will guarantee arrival on all parcels. So we will resend any lost parcel. In this model you get to keep 30% of revenue.
Agent – this model refers to business to business deals. You will need to contact other reseller of the relevant products and present our products to them. Make the sale. We  will ship directly to the customer. And you will get to keep 15% of revenue.
We have a lot of experience with all the models mentioned above so you are guaranteed to feel relaxed with us no meter what path you take.

Why work with us?

We are one of the oldest and largest legal highs Manufacturers, with many generations of products in our resume. And many happy resellers worldwide that are making nice sales to our know that you deal with Professionals,  And that we Will stay your partner for a long  time.
Our products are the real DealAll our products are of the Highest quality and very potent.
Because we are a global company we can ship your orders from more than one location. Offering you a wider range of products,  And more shipping options. You can ask us to dispatch your order from France, China or the UK.
We guarantee quality. We will replace any product that you or your customers are not happy with.
We guarantee arrival.We will resend any parcel that is lost or stuck from any reason.
We guarantee legality.Because we have a very wide public profile we will never ship a product that is illegal
It may happen that during that time that you will be holding our stock the laws in your country will change, in such a case it will be possible for you to replace any remaining stock with a new and legal product. In any case we try to stop selling a product in a reasonable time before he is banned.
Our products are well known and liked by many. Being searched by customers on a daily basis.
And that will generate sales for you.
Flexibility We can supply our products in a blank package or in bulk so you can rebrand if you want  to. No order is too big or too small for us.
We can drop ship  For you, so you don’t even have to keep stock (We can drop ship for you from the UK or from France)
we can redirect customers to you. especially if you will be dispatching from a country in which we do not dispatch from.
We offer good opportunities for you to distribute our products on a larger scale in your country to other resellers and to shops.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further info  [email protected]

F.A.Q for Re sellers

What is the minimum order size for re sellers?
Around 600usd. other than that you can find great deals on our shop.
Can I get some kind of guarantee that your products are legal in my country?
Yes, if you would like we can send you a signed document  declaiming the legal status of our products in your country.

Can I make an order and ask to send it to me in more than one parcel?
Yes in many cases we ship one order in more than one parcel and on an agreed time frame.
Do you guarantee arrival, Is my parcel insured?
Yes, All parcels are insured by us until you get it. We will replace or resend any parcel that was not delivered properly.
How can i pay for my order?
Re sellers can pay with any credit or debit card, Bank wire or cash with Western Union..
I dont have any expirience in business and/or building a website. will you be able to help me.
Yes we can help with any aspect of extracting and managing your business you just need to ask.
Partner websites:
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